Robot Buddy

Luna, a robot built by RoboDynamics, may just be the thing to keep your house in order. 

The robot companion is as tall as a human, has a touchscreen display, cameras, microphone array, speakers, expansion ports and WiFi.  So basically it is giant Smartphone that can move under its own power.  All I can say is I hope the battery lasts longer than a Smartphone, otherwise it’ll spend most of its time charging rather than doing your bidding.   

Staring May 11, 2011 you can pre-order your very own.

There slogan is, “A robot in every home by 2021.”  Some serious stuff had better happen in those years, because I just got my parents to start using their home computer on a regular basis.  I’m pretty sure a personal robot is going to be a shock.

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  1. It may be more suitable to be excited, because robots will change the world and our economy for the better. Freedom from manual labor for all mankind!
    I appreciate your post.

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