Hollywood Ordering Sequels BEFORE the Original is Released?

I have been reading lately about movie studios scheduling sequels before the original is released. Warner Bros ‘The Hangover’ was one of them, apparently the sequel ‘The Hangover Part II’ was ordered after the test screenings.

Disney also seems to be getting into the spirit of sequels before originals because they have already ordered a sequel to ‘Real Steel’ and have ordered ‘Pirates 5 & 6’ (If they can get Johnny Depp back).

This seems to be a cinema tactic not a television one because you rarely see any TV show get 2 seasons right off the bat because it tested well.

I feel like the new tone to Hollywood seems to be…

EVERY successful movie NEEDS a sequel!

We can create a FRANCHISE with fucking ANYTHING!

Now there are movies that should have sequels (Harold and Kumar) and I think some movies deserve a franchise (New Star Trek). I just feel like overall they may be pulling the trigger too soon.

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