Fringe – Season Three Finale

I was beginning to think Fringe had lost its way.  This past season had been meandering down various paths that at first glance seemed to be distractingly unrelated.

This season has focused much on the Olivias and Walters, but in this last episode Peter was at center stage. As compelling as Olivia and Walter’s journeys have been it is Peter that is the bridge between them all. It is his relationships with both Olivia and Walter that gives the show its emotional core. And without that core all the brilliant science fiction does not stand a chance to thrive. In the season finale Peter is given the opportunity to jump forward 15 years and see what could be. In doing so we are given a glimpse of a broken and dying world, but ironically an almost whole Peter Bishop. There are some truly touching scenes between future Walter and Peter.

In the end, we are left with an amazing revelation, piles of possibilities and more questions. In season four, I only hope they realize Peter is the thread that holds it all together.

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